Our best selling pedal, the Nebula, is an incredibly unique time based effect. The Nebula provides a wide range of effects, including delays, multi-tap delay, echoes, reverb, swells, oscillations, ring modulation, and more. The Nebula makes use of six controls or offer a huge range of sounds that are easy to dial in.


Pre-Delay - controls first delay section's time. 0-800ms.
Repeats - controls repeats. 0-infinite. Interactive with Echo and Shimmer.
Mix - controls effect mix. Full wet is counter-clockwise, clockwise boosts effect and input.
Post-Delay - controls second delay section's time. 0-800ms.
Echo - controls secondary echoes. 0-infinite. Interactive with Repeats and Shimmer.
Shimmer - controls spread and decay on Repeats and Echo. Interactive with all other controls.