The Apocalypse is a massive pedal we've designed to cover a huge range of effects and tones. We started with a fuzz, then added every potential option we could to it. Then we added delay, echo, reverb, and modulation. Together you have all the tools needed to bring on the audio-based end of the world.



Master Bypass - turns both effects on/off, bypassing or engaging the pedal fully.
Fuzz - turns fuzz side on/off.
Echo - turns echo side on/off.

Fuzz Side:

Level - controls fuzz side output level.
Tone - controls fuzz tone. Flat EQ at 12 o'clock.
Gain - controls fuzz gain.
Destroy - oscillation control.
Destroy on/off - engages/disengages Destroy control.
Starve - voltage control for Fuzz side, allowing for voltage sag.
Starve on/off - engages/disengages Starve control.
Gate on/off - engages/disengages noise gate.

Echo Side:

Time - controls time amount for echo section. 0-800ms.
Echo - controls repeats for echo section. 0-infinite.
Drench - controls decay on echoes.
Tails - engages/disengages tails. With tails on, when the echo side is disabled, echoes fade out naturally.
Mod - three way switch for modulation, allowing modulation off, modulation only, or modulated echo.
Depth - controls depth of modulation.
Rate - controls rate of modulation.
Shape - controls shape of modulation.