Shoegaze is a genre that has always been associated with massive fuzz, washy reverb and delay, and an overall wall of sound. As fans of the genre ourselves (as well as bands like MBV, Sonic Youth, and many others), we wanted to make something that would instantly get shoegaze tones out of the box - and in an single effect pedal.

We got a custom order from someone who wanted artwork and a name to honor his favorite album - Loveless. It happens to be one of our favorites as well, and got played on repeat through the design and build process of this custom pedal. 

We tend to post cool custom builds on our Facebook ( - Like us!),and when we posted the Loveless it was met with a massive response, and reached thousands of people. Because of this, we're making it available for those that want it. 

The Loveless is a huge fuzz directly into a washy, reverb-delay. We say reverb-delay, because it isn't just one or the other - it's both. You can get the big, ambient reverb echo, or up the wash level and get some double-tracking/slap-back delay as well. Both creating huge, ambient tones 

The reverb-delay side also does full wet - which will get you a swell style build up, and even more so with the fuzz. 

The Loveless is limited edition, meaning they will not be produced forever, and availability is limited.
Demand is always high on the Loveless, so please keep this in mind when ordering, as ship times will be longer than usual!


Mix - controls reverb/echo mix. Counter-clockwise for full wet, clockwise to boost effect mix.
Feedback - controls feedback of reverb/echo.
Wash - controls reverb/echo time and decay.
Level - controls fuzz output level.
Gain - controls fuzz gain.